Here’s How This New ‘Alert Trailer’ Made In The UAE Will Reduce Accidents

Credits: Instagram

Sharjah Police recently launched a new project. It is called the ‘Alert Trailer’ and it aims to reduce traffic accidents and enhance road safety. It has been manufactured by Emirati cadres of Sharjah Police and is an eco-friendly product. By replacing traffic patrols on closed highways during a traffic accident, heavy vehicle breakdown, or fire, the alert trailer, the project intends to prevent repeated traffic accidents on roads.

According to Lt. Colonel Muhammad Alai Al Naqbi, Director of Traffic and Patrols at Sharjah Police, the trailer is distinguished by special environmental-friendly features. He stated that because the vehicle has powerful solar-powered lights, it will help by warning vehicles from a distance. The vehicle was made to strict specifications and can resist various climatic conditions. This vehicle’s creation was based on scientific research and took 7 days to complete. A lab for traffic innovation is available at Sharjah Police, where ideas can be developed and tested before being put into practice.