Global Village To Host 7 Different Fireworks Displays To Ring In 2024 Across Different Time Zones

Global Village is taking the saying ‘Go Big or Go Home’ very seriously this year. So seriously that for this New Year’s Eve they have planned out 7 different Fireworks displays to celebrate NYE across several different countries. How incredible is that! So, whether you plan to spend your last day of 2023 in Global Village or just plan to stop by for some breathtaking firework action here are all the details and timings you need to know about.

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Seven Midnight Celebrations in One Night!

Get ready for the ultimate countdown experience! This year Global Village, you won’t just celebrate the arrival of the New Year once— you’ll do it seven times! Imagine the thrill as fireworks light up the sky, marking midnight in seven different time zones around the world:

  1. 8 pm: China
  2. 9 pm: Thailand
  3. 10 pm: Bangladesh
  4. 10:3 0pm: India
  5. 11 pm: Pakistan
  6. Midnight: UAE
  7. 1 am: Turkey
Global Village Is Going All Out For New Year's Eve This Year With 7 Different Fireworks Displays

Picture this: Seven breathtaking firework displays, each one specially designed to match the uniqueness of the country it represents. Global Village is transforming into a dazzling spectacle with its signature firework shows, ensuring that every moment is filled with awe and wonder.

Get Your Tickets Now

There is always the option of getting your tickets at the door, but why put yourself through the hassle of having to wait in a line for ages when buying online give you the added bonus of a lesser price? Tickets for New Year’s Eve weekend start from just AED 27 per person online, and you can purchase them right here.

Don’t miss out on the festivities—bring your friends, family, and good vibes to Global Village for a New Year’s celebration that’s seven times the fun!

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