Step-By-Step Guide – Get Your Driving License In Less Than 10 Minutes With RTA’s Latest ‘Vending Machine’

Dubai is always experimenting with new and innovative ways to do simple things. Like for example, the latest initiative launched by the Dubai RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) where you can now renew your Emirates driving license through a vending machine. Who would have thought that a vending machine could be used for more than just snacks and refreshments? So, if your license is nearing its expiry date soon, here is how you can get a new and shiny one in about 10 minutes.

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A Hassle-Free Step-By-Step Guide To Renewal

Let’s cut right to the chase and tell you exactly how you can get your hands on a new driving license in no time.

Visiting Dubai? A Visitor's Guide to UAE Driving License Renewal

Step 1: Visit Your Nearest RTA Customer Happiness Centre

Start by heading to an RTA Customer Happiness Centre that houses the self-service kiosk. These centres are conveniently scattered across the city, making it easy for you to find one nearby. Here is the full list of locations:

    • Customer Happiness Centre – Umm Ramool
    • Customer Happiness Centre – Deira
    • Customer Happiness Centre – Al Barsha
    • Customer Happiness Centre – Al Manarah
    • Customer Happiness Centre – Al Twar
    • Customer Happiness Centre – Al Kifaf
    • Tasjeel Al Tawar
    • Barsha Tasjeel
    • Muhaisna Shamil
    • Tamam Vehicle Testing
    • Al Qusais Tasjeel
    • Wasel Vehicle Testing – Al Jaddaf

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A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Get Your Driving License In Less Than 10 Minutes With RTA's Latest Driving License Renewal Vending Machine

Step 2: Apply For Licence Renewal

Once you’re at the centre, use the user-friendly touch screen menu on the self-service kiosk to initiate the process of renewing your driving licence.

Step 3: Settle The Fees

You’re almost there. Completing step two will prompt you to settle the required fees for the renewal. These fees amount to AED 300, along with an additional AED 20 as a knowledge fee.

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Step 4: Instant Printing Of Your New Licence

After successfully completing the payment, the kiosk will proceed to print your renewed driving licence right on the spot. Now reward yourself anyway you know how because you didn’t just waste half a day waiting in some long ridiculous line.

Digital Option Available

For those who prefer digital convenience, you can also download an electronic version of your renewed driving licence through the RTA Dubai app. This way, you’ll have your licence easily accessible on your mobile phone.

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Get Your Driving License In Less Than 10 Minutes With RTA's Latest Driving License Renewal Vending Machine

More Than Just Licence Renewal

These self-service kiosks aren’t limited to just licence renewals. They offer a range of additional services, including inquiries and payments for fines, as well as issuing certificates for both drivers and vehicles. Plus, if you hold a seasonal parking card, you can efficiently renew it using the same kiosk.

Automation has just made all our lives a whole lot easier!

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