First Ever Ramadan Drive In Food Festival To Take Place In Dubai

Miami Vibes one of the most popular food festivals around country is coming up with its first ever drive in food festival which is purely dedicated for Ramadan. It is usually famous for its pastel colours, large pink pineapples, exquisite fairy lights, and Floridian Fuego ambience. So far they have always been known for there amazing and cute food festival spots and having some of the best restaurants & cafe pop ups all under one roof. With its major success in Abu Dhabi first and then Dubai they have always been the talk of the town.  What we have seen from the past food festivals and can vouch for is that your instagram feed is going to look lit. 

This Ramdan they are not missing out and are introducing the first ever drive-in food festival. We have surely not heard anything like this before and we are super excited for the same. The ramadan drove in food festival will take place from 8 APRIL – 8 MAY 2022 at Al Was road, Dubai Police Academy parking. The timings our from 7:00 pm until 3:00 am. So its perfect place for your iftar or shoot or just for a snack during the night. 

Date: 8 APRIL – 8 MAY 2022 

Time: 7:00 pm until 3:00 am

Location: Al Was Road, Dubai Police Academy Parking