Family Offers AED 100,000 Reward For Safe Return Of Missing Dog

In a heartwarming plea, a substantial AED 100,000 reward is now on offer for the safe return of Cuddles, a beloved three-year-old cockapoo who recently went missing in Al Garhoud, Dubai. The miniature pup managed to slip away from a pet relocation company’s car during a trip to a health inspection facility near the Emirates Airline headquarters, leaving the family in distress.

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Despite the pet relocation team’s efforts to chase Cuddles, the little adventurer disappeared, prompting the family to launch a heartfelt search campaign. Flyers have been scattered throughout the neighbourhood, featuring the significant reward, in the hope that kind-hearted residents will assist in reuniting the furry family member with its owners.

All The Details To Help Find Cuddles

The last known sighting of Cuddles was at 6:40 pm on D27 Street (Community 214) in Al Garhoud on that fateful Saturday. Despite the family’s tireless search, there have been no updates on Cuddles’ whereabouts.

A spokesperson for the distraught pet owners, wishing to remain anonymous, confirmed the authenticity of the AED 100,000 reward, expressing the family’s deep emotional distress. “Cuddles holds immense value for the family, and losing him has been truly heartbreaking. The AED 100,000 reward is genuine – we’re desperate to have him back. We’ve received numerous calls asking about the reward, and we want everyone to know it’s sincere. Any help in finding Cuddles is greatly appreciated.”

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In a compassionate move, the family has made it clear that no questions will be asked of anyone who returns Cuddles. This heartfelt approach is emphasized in the posters accompanying the reward announcement. Let’s all join in the search to bring Cuddles back home, where he belongs! Your assistance could make a world of difference in reuniting this furry friend with his loving family.

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