Everything About Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Dose In The UAE

For those who have taken the Sinopharm vaccine, it said that if you take the Pfizer vaccine as a booster it will provide better immunity. The efficacy rate of Sinopharm is 86%, it is given in two doses (each 21 days apart) to people above the age of 16. Since antibodies decrease over time, it is best to take a Pfizer as a booster dose. If you live in Dubai and have taken two shots of Sinopharm you are eligible for the Pfizer booster dose after three months of your second dose. For Abu Dhabi residents, the duration is six months.

Dubai residents can use the DHA app for booking an appointment while Abu Dhabi residents can use the SEHA app. The booster dose is given for free across all the UAE. If you have any underlying conditions, consult your doctor before taking the shot. Wait for three months before getting the if you have contracted the virus. Pregnant women who have completed 13 weeks of pregnancy can also take the vaccine. Children above the age of 12 can take the Pfizer vaccine.

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