Enter A World Of Romance & Fantasy With Hotel Del Luna On Netflix

Korean Dramas are known for their romance and amazing chemistry between the lead actors. These dramas have their own universe and story, hence they are so addicting. Once you start watching you will be surprised to see how fast you binge-watch! One such drama that revolves around the themes of love and fantasy is Hotel Del Luna on Netflix. Watch the trailer here:

The story is about a woman from the Joseon Era who has been stuck in the between life state for over 1000 years. She is the CEO of the Hotel Del Luna, which is a hotel for lost souls. She hires a new manager who the deities chose to be the one who will send her to the bridge of the afterlife. From the aesthetics to the acting everything about this drama is so pleasing and comforting. This drama is basically the equivalent of chicken soup but for the eyes.

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