Ebarza Furniture Launches Cozy New Autumn Collection To Give You All The Feels

The summer heat is finally on its way out, and it’s time to make way for Autumn. While our city won’t be decorated in warms colours or red & brown, we know a place that can definitely give you all the cozy Autumn feels. Ebarza Furniture has launched their new Autumn Collection that combines modern design with simplicity to capture the essence of the season.

Ebarza Furniture Autumn Collection

Each product from the line has been designed and manufactured with modern-luxury in mind. The exquisite pieces have been created using high quality materials, and combines the expert craftsmanship of Ebarza’s trusted experts. The Autumn Collection features a blend of straight-clean lines, for a modern minimalistic feel and warm neutral colors to convey comfort and closeness. The collection is inspired by the foliage and sentiments around the Autumn Season.

Ebarza Furniture Autumn Collection Colour Palette

Keeping in line with the feelings of the season, the collection captures the light autumn
breeze, and cold weather in the colour palette. The colour scheme centres around light gray, beige and warm caramel shades. The autumn collection is crafted using high quality wood and marble with a wide selection of plush, luxurious fabrics to choose from.

The collection features key pieces for living, dining, bedrooms and more, and offers an array of design choices to suit every home. Ebarza is known as a “one stop solution” for homeowners who want to upgrade their home or design it from start to end. The brand offers everything a home needs, including wall solutions, outdoor & indoor furniture, artworks, décor, rugs and homeware.

Ebarza Furniture Autumn Collection – Corporate

Ebarza also works with corporates and commercial spaces to bring offices, hospitality projects and more to life. A key focus of their furniture is high functionality, which is seamlessly offered by each of their pieces.

As a brand, they understand the ever changing needs and trends of the design industry and cater to it. For a seamless and hassle free experience, Ebarza also offers the services of a team of expert Interior Designers to help customers design their ideal space and bring it to life in a way that suits their needs and lifestyle choices.

Ebarza’s new Autumn Collection can be browsed in person at Ebarza showroom at Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi or shop Ebarza’s catalog online at www.ebarza.com.