Dubai International Airport Is Expanding – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Dubai International Airport is the bustling epicentre of the city. It brings hundreds of thousands of passengers into the country on a daily basis, and for that reason, it’s known as one of the world’s busiest airports. And it’s about to get a whole lot busier. With a surge in demand for air travel, DXB is stepping up to the challenge by planning a significant expansion that promises exciting enhancements for passengers. Here are all the details you should know about it.

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Anticipate Thrilling Upgrades

Imagine strolling through brand-new lounges, enjoying extra spacious areas, and experiencing the sheer brilliance of a fully equipped smart airport. These are just a few highlights of what’s in store at DXB. The excitement is palpable as the airport evolves to cater to the needs of modern travellers.

A Vision Backed By Resources

Dubai Airports’ visionary CEO, Paul Griffiths, has unveiled ambitious plans for DXB’s growth, and the budget is nothing short of impressive. An investment ranging from AED 6 billion to AED 10 billion is set to revamp DXB into a cutting-edge travel hub. The commitment to innovation and passenger satisfaction shines through in this endeavour.

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Beyond Limits: Al Maktoum International Airport

DXB’s expansion aims to facilitate its growth towards maximum capacity within the upcoming 10 to 15 years. The roadmap begins with Phase 1 slated for completion by 2030, enabling an annual capacity of 130 million passengers. Key highlights of Phase 1 encompass the construction of two additional runways, the development of Concourse 1, and the establishment of the West Terminal building.

The Dubai International Airport Is Expanding & Here Is Everything You Can Expect To See From It

And as DXB approaches this maximum operational capacity, the expansion journey will continue at Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC). This strategic approach ensures that Dubai’s air travel demands are not only met but exceeded.

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Global Reach & Unmatched Prestige

DXB isn’t just a local favourite; it’s a global sensation. The airport connects travellers to a staggering 229 destinations spread across 99 countries, partnering with 88 international carriers. Its unwavering commitment to facilitating international travel has earned DXB the prestigious honour of being the world’s top choice for transit passengers for nine consecutive years, as per ACI World’s annual report.

Wait & Unwind

So, while we wait for these awesome changes to come around, how about we take advantage of what DXB already has to offer. Here are all the airport lounges spread across all three DXB terminals.

The Dubai International Airport Is Expanding & Here Is Everything You Can Expect To See From It

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Dubai Airport Lounges: Terminal 1

1. Ahlan Business Class Lounge

2. Marhaba Lounge

3. Sleep ‘n Fly

Dubai Airport Lounges: Terminal 2

4. Marhaba Lounge

Dubai Airport Lounges: Terminal 3

5. Al Majlis Lounge

6. Cadiz – Ahlan Lounge @ B

7. Game Space

8. Marhaba Lounge

9. Plaza Premium Lounge

10. Their Patio

11. The Gallery by Dubai International Hotel

12. Sleep ‘n Fly

You can find full descriptions and details on all the lounges on our website.
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