Dubai Frontliners If You Ever Wanted To Walk The Ramp This Is Your Chance 

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It’s the first time in the history of human existence that the entire planet has gone to war against a common enemy. The enemy has caused mass death and disrupted the functioning of the world like never before. Economies are tumbling and households are struggling to make ends meet.

In this new deadly era of unprecedented Corona Virus, the frontlines have emerged as true heroes. They’ve led the battle against Covid-19 and risked their own lives to save humanity.

Hybella is here with an event that celebrates these real-life superheroes. This is a brilliant initiative to appreciate and say a big thank you to the people who helped keep the economy afloat while saving several human lives.

With a common dream of ‘Togetherness’, Hybella has designed a fashion show. This fashion show is like no other. The ramps shall not be studded with models or mainstream folks. Instead, the ramps shall be graced by stunning real-life heroes, our very own front-liners!

Yes, it’s happening! The front line workers shall be the one dressed up in beautiful clothes and walking the ramp in front of all the people cheering their heroism.

If you’re one of the front line heroes, Hybella would be very happy to hear from you. Get in touch with them if you wish to be one of the front-liners walking the ramp.

Here are the details for contacting them:

Frontliners may register at and state their full name, Profession and all send there Instagram & Facebook account links. 

Team Hybella will announce the casting call date for Saturday 10th October 2020 at 4 pm in Dubai Design District. RSVP is essential to for full address. 

Share this article with all your front liner friends and family and let them know Hybella is waiting to hear from them!

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