Drones & Police Patrols To Supervise Camping Sites In The UAE

Camping season has officially begun, and UAE officials are working hard to make it a safe one. Sharjah Police have dispatched drones and patrols to regulate misbehaviour and other unlawful activities that jeopardise the public’s safety in order to make the winter season more pleasurable for visitors camping in the desert and other regions.

The goal of the awareness campaign is to avoid any reckless behaviour that might lead to an accident. The police are also helping to stop the spread of Covid-19 by requiring desert campers to follow social distance standards and wear face masks.

Sharjah Police Commander-in-Chief Major-General Saif Al Shamsi stated that the force has collaborated with municipalities to supervise desert regions, particularly in Badair, Al Saifah, Al Batih, Al Dhaid, and Mleihah.

The police have implemented all safeguards and protective methods in collaboration with local committees. This involves patrols and the installation of cameras on roadways leading to camping sites.

“The patrols were deployed since the beginning of October,” Al Shamsi said. “They have already started instructing motorists to refrain from creating a commotion, not to drive in unauthorised areas, avoid using cars that are not designed for desert driving and not to get engaged in illegal racing.”

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