Do You Eat More When You Are Bored? Here’s What You Can Do

Many countries are again planning to go into lockdown, many already have. People all over the world claim that they feel less healthy and active this year and almost all of these say that this is because of the shift in eating habits. Well it is okay to eat a little more during the holidays, but many people tend to consume more calories during the winter months which is bad.

Why do we eat more when we are bored?

“It may be simply down to monotony, not having anything else planned to do, but there may be an underlying reason, such as feeling low in mood,” says dietician Rebecca McManamon. “Or it may be that we link eating as a habit to other activities, such as having a snack whilst watching TV, which more people may do when they are bored in lockdown.”

So what to do about?

Replace your sweet candy cravings with some fruits. Many fruits are also equally sweet and satisfying. “Make sure that the fruit bowl and cupboards are well stocked with fruit, high fiber crackers and other nutritious snacks so you always have pre-planned foods that you can eat when the munchies hit,” advises dietician Van de Bor.

Set a food schedule as well. Just like your sleeping pattern, the body has a food pattern also. If you have your meals and snacks at a particular time everyday, you won’t feel hungry at all at other times. Coronavirus is something that has taught us that nothing is more important than our health and it is just you that can take care of your health. Try keeping an exercise schedule as well. If you are not able to exercise everyday, at least do it 3 times a week.


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