Changes In Dubai During Ramadan 2024: Reduced Work Hours, Free Parking & More

As UAE gears up for the holiest month of the Islamic calendar, expect to see a few changes being made throughout the city. According to the Hijri calendar published by the Dubai Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD), the sacred month of Ramadan is set to commence on Tuesday, March 12, 2024. Here are all the changes we’ll be seeing in the city this Ramadan.

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Reduced Work Timings For Public Sector

In line with the upcoming holy month, the UAE has officially modified the working hours for public sector employees. Commencing on March 12, Monday to Thursday will now see a shorter workday, from 9 am to 2:30 pm. On Fridays, the work hours conclude at noon. Notably, ministries and federal agencies have the green light for flexible or remote work, following stipulated guidelines. This alteration applies uniformly, accommodating both fasting and non-fasting employees, enabling them to participate in spiritual activities during this sacred period.

Private sector employees are advised to adhere to the official announcement and adjust their operations accordingly. This measure aims to facilitate a balanced approach for professionals during this significant period.

Altered School Schedules

Academic routines also adjust to the rhythm of Ramadan. Typically, academic days are trimmed to five hours, but this year, schools extend their embrace of the holy month by remaining closed during the first three weeks. This period aligns with either the spring or end-of-term break, offering students and educators a well-deserved respite.

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Free Parking Perks

Modified paid parking hours, to be announced closer to Ramadan, grant residents a two-hour window of free parking on weekdays. Last year, Dubai implemented fees from 8 am to 6 pm and 8 pm to 12 midnight, Monday to Saturday, while Sharjah levied charges from 8 am to midnight, Saturday to Thursday.

Mall Timing Changes During Ramadan

BurJuman Centre 
Shops: Open daily from 10 am – midnight

City Centre Deira 
Shops: Open daily from 10 am – 1 am
Restaurants & cafés: Open daily from 10 am – 2 am

City Centre Mirdif 
Shops open: Daily; 10 am – 1 am
Restaurants & cafés: Open daily from 10 am – 2 am

Dubai Festival City Mall 
Shops open: Monday – Thursday, 10 am – 10 pm, Friday – Saturday: 10 am – midnight
Restaurants & cafés open: Monday – Thursday 10 am – 11 pm, Friday – Saturday: 10 am – 1 am

Dubai Hills Mall
Shops open: Daily; 10 am – midnight
Restaurants & cafés: Open daily from 10 am – 1 am

Dubai Mall
Shops open: Mon – Thu; 10 am – midnight, Fri – Saturday – Sunday: 10 am – 1 am
Restaurants & cafés: Open daily from 10 am – 2 am

Dubai Marina Mall
Shops expected to be open: Sun – Thursday: 10 am – 10 pm, Friday – Saturday 10 am – 11 pm
Restaurants & cafés open: Sunday – Thursday: 10 am – 11 pm, Friday – Saturday 10 am to midnight

Ibn Battuta Mall
Shops open: Sunday – Thursday: 10 am – 10 pm, Fri- – at; 10 am – midnight
Restaurants & cafés open: Monday – Thursday ; 10 am – 11 pm, Friday – Sunday 10 am – midnight

Mall Of Emirates
Shops: Open daily from 10 am – 1 am
Restaurants & cafés: Open daily from 10 am – 1 am

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Food & Drink Etiquette In Public Spaces

Amidst the spiritual tapestry, Dubai’s eateries maintain their vibrant rhythm. Non-Muslims are not obligated to refrain from eating and drinking in public during the day, as per Visit Dubai. However, out of respect for those fasting, some may choose to do so discreetly.

Prayers & Taraweeh

With reduced work hours bestowing a tranquil rhythm to the month, Muslims find solace in offering most of their five daily prayers at mosques. The sacred Taraweeh prayers observed after Isha, attract devout worshippers, filling places of worship with a palpable sense of community devotion.

As Ramadan unfolds its wings, the UAE transforms into a haven of reflection, unity, and celebration. In the heart of all these changes, the spirit of Ramadan flourishes, nurturing a shared journey of joy and devotion.

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