BREAKING: These Dubai Residents Can Now Apply A Permit For No Mask

Starting from March 2020, face masks have become an important part of our life. Whether it is a grocery run, or any other thing, masks are mandatory everywhere. But Dubai has issued a permit for people with medical conditions, they are exempted from wearing masks.

Recently, Dubai Police along with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has issued a permit where people who have the below mentioned medical conditions can be exempted from wearing a face mask. Your applications along with your medical reports will be evaluated by DHA’s General Medical Committee Office, along with this you will need your Emirates ID and other important documents to apply for the permit.

Categories of people who are eligible to apply for this permit are:

  • those suffering from fungal dermatitis
  • those with dry and scaly skin (which can get irritated because of wearing a mask)
  • those who suffer from asthma
  • people who have psychological or mental conditions
  • those who suffer from uncontrolled or acute chronic sinusitis
  • those who suffer from severe herpes affecting the noes, mouth or face area
  • those who are allergic to the components of a mask

Your submitted application will be approved within five working days and the validity of your application will be decided on how severe your medical condition is. You can visit the site and apply for the permit.

People with the permit will be allowed to not wear a mask in public, but will have to wear one if asked (for example in a hospital or near a patient), for public safety.


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