Be A Chef In No Time With These Pizza & Pasta Kits!

After a long day at work, the biggest question that arises in one’s mind is what should I have for dinner? Since you are this tired, cooking something amazing, is not an option at all. Hence to cater to your taste buds, Little Italy Ristorante has now come up with DIY Pizza and Pasta kits! You can now recreate a dining experience at home with delish, secret and fresh ingredients from the restaurant.
Anmol Mehta, Managing Partner at Little Italy Ristorante says, “We realized the need for fresh good quality gourmet products to be available in households to recreate the favourite restaurant’s dishes and decided to create the DIY kits with portioned ingredients and chefs recipes and tips to make the perfect Pasta / Pizza at home. For us it is about keeping our customers engaged at home, making them fall in love with not only the outcome of amazing food that could be made with these kits but also the cooking process and the labour of love that goes into cooking every day. We want people to realize the love and care their favourite restaurant chefs take to make food and we want them to be a part of the process. As said in the famous movie ratatouille anybody can cook and a quote from our favourite chef Massimo Bottura ” Cooking is an act of love and it’s bigger and it’s deeper.”
Little Italy Ristorante is a pure vegetarian restaurant located in Karama. The above mentioned Pizza Kit costs AED 69, it includes 3 8-inch pizza base, 250 gm Mozzarella cheese, 150ml classic tomato sauce, 150ml spicy tomato sauce, 1 cup green and black olives, 2 chilli flakes sachets, 2 oregano sachets. The Pasta Kit priced at AED 65 includes 500gm pasta, a choice of three sauces: pesto, del Barone, arrabbiata along with chilli flakes, oregano and parmesan cheese.
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