All Done Writing Your Letter For Santa? Here’s Where You Can Post It!

By now everyone has written their letters for Santa, but what to do with it now? Where to send it? Kids in Dubai can now post their letters to Santa by posting them at Santa’s Post Office at the Eggs & Soldiers shop in Times Square Centre.

Starting from now, till the end of December, kids can stop and post their letters at this eco-friendly shop situated on the ground floor of the Sheikh Zayed Road mall. This shop has a wooden post office which will take your letters straight to the North Pole!

The kids just have to put their envelopes in the wooden post office, and for a reply from Santa Claus, the parents can leave their contact details while their child is mailing its letter.

The shop is very well decorated huge Christmas tree, a sleigh which is pulled by some reindeers and a beautiful wooden post office. Perfect to get you into that Christmas cheer! In addition to all this, Eggs & Soldiers Santa Post Office store also has some Christmas and Santa themed gift packs and hampers starting from AED 95 to AED 120, so while posting the letters, kids can also shop a little!

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