All COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Lifted By Saudi Arabia

All remaining Covid-19-related travel restrictions have been eliminated in Saudi Arabia. On arrival in the kingdom, visitors are no longer needed to provide a vaccination certificate or a PCR test result. In addition, the government has eliminated all quarantine restrictions.

The Saudi Ministry of Health announced the adjustments on Twitter, explaining the reasons for the relaxation of prohibitions. Positive Covid-19 instances have declined dramatically in the country, to less than 5%, while the government reports that 99 per cent of the eligible population — those aged 12 and above — has already been vaccinated. Social-distancing procedures have been halted in all open and closed venues, and masks are no longer required in open locations.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah declared that people will no longer be required to arrange prayer times for the two holy mosques online. However, travellers who wish to undertake Umrah or worship in the Rawdah – the heart of the Prophet’s Mosque, close to his grave — must still book through the Eatmarna or Tawakkalna applications.

The public has been reminded to take the third booster dosage, and the Tawakkalna application is still required to access workplaces, some public and private buildings, airports, and public vehicles.

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