All About The Meteor Shower In The UAE Happening Tonight

Tonight (August 12th) at 8 pm, UAE residents will be able to The Perseid Meteor Shower. This shower will be visible from 8 pm to 4 am and it will be one of the best meteor showers of this year. The small-sized meteors will hit the Earth’s atmosphere, lighting up the sky as they burn. It is said that there could be about 50-100 meteors an hour. Here are all the details:

Credits: Instagram

“This is one of the brightest meteor showers and it will not disappoint,” said Mr Al Hariri, chief executive of the Dubai Astronomy Group. “The Moon should be absent from the sky most of the night, meaning we should have a pristine, dark backdrop. For the best show, you should view it from a place with little or no light pollution. It will be most visible after midnight. And the showers should continue until about 4 am.”

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