After A Damaged Nose Job, Dubai Woman Was Awarded AED 50,000

Credits: Twitter

After a failed Botox nose operation cost her her job and caused her to break up with her fiance, a Dubai lady was granted AED50,000 in damages. The treatment took place in November 2020, when the medical centre injected Botox and fillers into her nose to change its contour.

Despite her numerous visits to the clinic, her headaches and oedema did not improve. She was given two pain injections and various creams on her final visit to the clinic. She was transferred to Rashid Hospital’s emergency room after severe bleeding in a cab on the way home. The woman stated that her fiancé ended their engagement and she lost her job as a result of her recurring Botox nose job difficulties.

She filed a lawsuit against the doctor and the hospital, asking for AED400,000 in damages and compensation. The case revealed that the doctor was unaware of several technical issues, resulting in a permanent scar on her nose. The doctor and the centre must pay AED50,000 in reparations as well as the woman’s complete legal expenses, according to the courts.