AED 20,000 Fine On People Who Break New COVID-19 Safety Rules In The UAE

The UAE has a set of rules and regulations to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the emirates. If seen accurately, the number of cases in the UAE has decreased significantly. Hence the UAE has imposed hefty fines on people who will break any rules. A fine of AED 20,000 will be imposed on anyone providing wrong information about quarantine rules. Also, people who spread fake news about anything related to the coronavirus can suffer this fine as well.

Individuals conducting medical tests to detect the coronavirus without the approval of relevant authorities can also face a fine of AED 20,000. Employers hiding their worker’s personal details or failing to report about their employees who test positive will also face the same fine. Violating worker’s accommodations can also result in heavy penalties. Companies that don’t follow safety measures can also face fines.

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