Meet The AED 2 Million Idealz Winner

Almost everybody has dreamt of one day winning a life-changing amount of money. For most, it remains nothing more than that: just a dream, but when you live in Dubai, you know these dreams can turn into reality overnight. This was the case for Ahmed Aljneibi who, with a heart full of dreams, spent AED50 on the homegrown ‘shop and win’ platform Idealz to enter the Grand Prize Draw of the 51st UAE National Day and on December 2nd, 2022, his dreams turned into reality. Read on to learn more.

Abu Dhabi Resident Wins The National Day Grand Prize Of AED 2 Million

An aviation engineer of over 20 years, Ahmed Aljneibi was born and raised in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi. Aljneibi only heard about Idealz in October last year from his colleagues at work and has been a regular participant in Idealz’s campaigns since then. The fact that Idealz is a homegrown platform, the first-of-its-kind, and partnered with the government gave Aljneibi the assurance he needed to trust the platform and keep participating in spite of not winning.

His perseverance paid off on the proudest of days for him, his country’s National Day, and he couldn’t contain his excitement when he received the confirmation phone call. Recalling his reaction, he said, “I was on a work trip outside the UAE, when I first received the call. At first, I thought it was a customer feedback call, but when I came to know that I won the National Day Grand Prize of AED2 Million, I was shocked. The first thing I did was call my wife to share the news, and together we let it sink in that we had become multi-millionaires overnight.”

Ahmed Aljneibi Plans To Renovate His House With This Money 

Speaking about his experience with Idealz, he said, “Idealz is a simple and easy-to-use app and the thing I like the most is it has a great variety of prizes for its customers.” When pressed about what he plans to do with the money, Aljneibi said, “I am still shocked and grateful to God for everything. I have a few things planned, and hopefully, this money will help me achieve it. The first thing I will do though is renovate our house as a gift to my wife, so she can have more comfort in her life.”

Shop From Idealz To Win Tons Of Prizes

This was the first time ever that Ahmed Aljneibi won a prize in a raffle draw, and you can be a lucky winner too. Idealz is an always-on platform that has many draws all of which are regulated by Dubai Economy & Tourism and open to the entire world, so hurry and participate now. Some of the exciting prizes live right now are an apartment in Downtown Dubai, a luxurious Mercedes-AMG G63, a sporty Porsche 911 GT3, many cash prizes from AED10,000 to AED1,000,000, iPhones and luxury watches. Entries start at AED5 only and all the campaigns are limited either in entries or time. Good luck! 

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