Admire Sharjah’s Beautiful Skyline On This New Swing!

Sharjah is known for its iconic skyline. Now you can admire this skyline from a fresh point of view! An Emirati artist, Azza Al Qubaisi designed a large swing on Al Noor Island. You can now sit in silence and enjoy the beautiful sunsets from this new installation. Made up of steel and ghaf, the pieces consists of seven pieces that recreate the anxiety faced by Emirati women while they waited for their spouses to return from harvesting pearls in the ocean.

“The Swing reflects the pre-oil time during the pearl harvest season, where women used to stand on the shore waiting for their husbands’ return in the anxiety of losing their spouses,” said Al Qubaisi.

“On the contrary, nowadays a family would enjoy togetherness on this extended swing, feeling safe overlooking the prosperity and development of Sharjah and the UAE.

“New and old materials were used to create the installation, representing the past and present. People can see palm and ghaf tree-inspired patterns with an abstract metal framework of palm branches, which reflects the theme.”

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