Accuracy Of Different Kinds Of COVID-19 Tests

Right now, there are four major tests available for COVID-19. Those are the PCR test, Rapid Antigen test, Home testing kits and Antibody tests. The accuracy and procedure of all the above tests are different. Hence with so many options, it can be difficult to choose which one is the best for you, so here’s how you can choose: based on accuracy:

PCR Tests: 

PCR tests are highly sensitive which means they are highly accurate. With these tests, you can never expect false results.

Rapid Antigen Tests: 

Here the accuracy is a little less when compared to the test above. From research, it has been established that Rapid Antigen Tests have an accuracy of about 72% for people who show symptoms and 58% for people who don’t show symptoms.

Home Testing Kits: 

Since the person here is not a medical professional, how he/she collects the sample is important. Hence the accuracy here can fall if the sample isn’t collected properly.

Antibody Tests: 

The best time to take this test is the third week after getting COVID-19. The accuracy in the third week is about 90%.

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