Abu Dhabi Revamps Holiday Home Policy: Now Vacation At Farmhouses & More

Tired of the same old hotels and resorts in Abu Dhabi? We’ve got some exciting news that will add a whole new flavour to your vacation plans. The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) has turned a new page in its holiday homes policy. Now, your vacation options include more than just the typical stays. Think farmhouses, caravans, and RVs – a breath of fresh air for the travel scene.

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Dive into Farm Life: A Personal Connection

The new policy not only opens the doors to unique accommodations but also encourages farm owners to offer you an authentic Emirati agri-tourism experience. Imagine learning about cutting-edge agricultural techniques and ancient farming wisdom while living amidst the farm’s serene surroundings.

Abu Dhabi's New Revamped Holiday Home Policy Will Now Allow You To Vacation At Farmhouses & More

Embracing Hospitality and Heritage: A Vision for the Future

HE Saleh Mohamed Al Geziry, the director general for tourism at the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, shares the vision behind this expansion. He said, “Our expansion of Abu Dhabi’s holiday homes licensing policy to allow farmhouses to offer guest accommodations will support both Abu Dhabi’s hospitality and agri-tourism sectors.

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“As the emirate witnesses substantial tourism growth, it is imperative that we continue to offer visitors unique and sustainable experiences that reflect our rich heritage and renowned Emirati hospitality”

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Preserving The Essence: A Notable Exception

While the opportunity to experience farm stays is exciting, it’s important to note that farms listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites won’t be part of this initiative. This decision ensures the preservation of these precious sites for generations to come. According to DCT, these changes aim to ‘showcase and celebrate the unique agricultural traditions and legacy of the UAE.’ It’s a step towards keeping the connection with the land alive and honouring the traditions that have shaped the region.

Abu Dhabi's New Revamped Holiday Home Policy Will Now Allow You To Vacation At Farmhouses & More

Abu Dhabi’s revamped holiday homes policy invites you to embrace the heart of the region – its culture, heritage, and warm hospitality – through immersive stays in farmhouses. It’s a chance to create memories that go beyond the ordinary and truly become a part of the story Abu Dhabi has to tell.

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