Abu Dhabi: Radars That Can Spot Sudden Swerving Activated By Police, Upto AED 400 Fine

Abu Dhabi traffic police have activated radars to identify lane drifting or abrupt changes, particularly near traffic lights on several roadways. Abu Dhabi Police released a statement on Thursday urging drivers to stay in the designated lane at crossings whether there are traffic lights or not, emphasising that abrupt deviation is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents.

Credits: Instagram

The police stated that the automated control was engaged to detect vehicles that do not follow the mandated lane at junctions. According to police, abrupt swerving is a significant traffic violation that leads to tragic traffic accidents. The penalty for abrupt lane changes or failure to use indicators is AED 400.

“The sudden change of lane, especially when approaching traffic lights, is a dangerous behaviour, which compromises the safety of the driver and puts his life and the lives of other motorists at risk,” warned the police.

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