Abu Dhabi Brings New Border Entry Rules For Commuters

In the latest move to combat coronavirus, Abu Dhabi will implement extra checks on commuters entering the emirate from within the UAE beginning on Sunday, December 19. At crossing locations, scanners capable of detecting symptoms of coronavirus infection will be installed.

As they cross the border, drivers and passengers will be scanned by EDE devices, which are popular in the capital’s malls. Officials did not specify if cars must stop, but it looks that they will, and police would be stationed at borders beginning Sunday. People who show any symptoms of the virus will be sent for a free rapid antigen test, this test will produce results in about 20 minutes.

If indeed the test is positive, Abu Dhabi residents must follow the emirate’s health rules, which include isolation for 10 days and wearing a tracking wristband during that time. People who go outside of the capital must return to the emirate from whence they came and notify the local health authority of the results of their tests. In July 2020 and September 2021, passengers and drivers needed a PCR test to enter Abu Dhabi, this is no longer the case now.

“EDE scanners use advanced technology to rapidly detect potential Covid-19 cases without storing personal information. Potential positive Covid-19 cases will be referred to an on-site testing centre, with a free antigen test provided, and results within 20 minutes,” the Abu Dhabi government said.

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