A New Showroom Is Opening In Yas Mall & Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

The launch of Ebarza’s brand-new 30,000-square-foot showroom in Yas Mall was announced by the industry leader in luxury furnishings and home décor. There is a large selection of elegant contemporary furniture and furnishings in the newly opened shop. The store carries a broad selection of carpets, lighting, art, garden furniture, household supplies, home décor items, curtains, and much more in addition to everything the home needs.

With the launch of this new location in Yas Mall, Ebarza remains committed to being a special place that offers a customised and one-of-a-kind experience for everyone. Interior design services are provided under the direction of a qualified team of interior design experts. Customers can book a private consultation with the brand to assist them to create the ideal interiors for their houses utilising contemporary design principles. Ebarza’s team of experts oversees and delivers at every stage, from the preliminary conversations to the final step of the execution.

Speaking about the new launch, Maana Abu Daqqa, founder and CEO of Ebarza, said: “The opening of the new showroom is part of our strategy to enhance our presence and spread in the local market, and our commitment to keep pace with the wise directions of the UAE government, which aims to establish the region as a unique destination. For specialists, craftsmen and those interested in following the latest trends in the fashion sector, in which furniture and decoration have become a mainstay.”

Abu Daqqa emphasised the connection between the expanding market’s size and the nation’s current development boom. He anticipated that the capital would undergo world-class infrastructure development over the coming few years, including train stations, ports, and logistical capacities. capable of luring additional investments. Due to the ease of doing business in the nation, he also predicts that major worldwide corporations would establish their headquarters in the capital.

He added: “Ebarza has been the first to enter the world of E-commerce since 2014, where we have developed a comprehensive online store that makes shopping easier and more enjoyable. We also launched our app, to make the shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. Shopping is more flexible, easier and faster than ever before.”

Yas Mall’s new showroom will make shopping simpler and more innovation-driven. Each person visiting the showroom may use a smart application with a barcode reader on the product to scan it with their smartphone to learn everything there is to know about the item. Dimensions of the product, the kind of material utilised, and the range of colour choices are all included in the information. To make it simpler for all consumers to get the information they need about their products, Ebarza has also distributed a series of smart screens in the hall sections.

Customers can visit the new showroom at Yas Mall or shop Ebarza’s catalogue online at