A New 50s Diner Has Come To Dubai & Here’s What You Get!

SAUCE, a trendy American Diner concept, reminiscent of the 50’s classic diners opens in Dubai, at the stunning Dubai Canals. Already exploding on the TikTok scene, thanks to the SAUCE branded more-ish burgers, interiors that transport you back to the days of Elvis and swing rock and the waitress’s uniforms, that are a playful throwback nod to the ’50s.


Their menu has everything from the main course to shakes to dessert. The name ‘SAUCE’ holds to its word, this restaurant has over 20 sauces for you to enjoy! Some of which are Blue Cheese Mayo, Beetroot Mayo, Siracha Mayo, Chipotle Aioli, Melted Cheese with Jalapeño, Melted Cheese, Truffle Mayo, Truffle Garlic Labneh, Tzatziki, Gravy, Alabama, Tahini Mustard, Ranch, Chipotle, Cocktail, Honey BBQ, Thousand Island, Herbs Mayo and the signature black mamba!


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