A Man Hands In AED 1 Million To The Dubai Police Which He Found In The Lift!

Credits: Twitter

Honesty is the best policy! We all have heard this phrase but only a few preach it. Here is the story of one such man! Dubai Police recently honoured a man after he handed in AED 1 million in cash that he discovered in an elevator of his apartment complex. The Director of Al Barsha Police Station, Brigadier Abdul Rahim bin Shafi, complimented Tariq Mahmood Khalid Mahmood for his honesty in the inquiry.

Brigadier bin Shafi also presented the Indian national with a certificate of appreciation, emphasising the importance of community and police collaboration. He also mentioned the intention of the Dubai Police to enhance community ties, which would, in turn, foster a sense of responsibility among community members. Mahmood expressed his gratitude to the Dubai Police for honouring him, as well as his delight and joy at being recognised for his honourable gesture.