5 Things You Can Do To Stop Your Laptop From Overheating

Summer is here, and summer means hot and humid conditions. In such a season it is quite natural for our devices to get hot and laggy while we work on them. Especially laptops get so warm at times, they tend to leave a mark on our laps. Hence to avoid this, here are some tips which will prevent your laptops from getting too hot:

Too Many Tabs: 

Sometimes while working we tend to not pay attention to how many tabs are open in our browser. Opening too many tabs on our laptop causes it to lag and hence it gets hot over time. So whenever you are done working on a particular tab, remember to close it.

Give It Rest:

Continuously working on your laptop can cause it to overheat. Give some rest, put it on sleep mode every once in a while and you take some much-needed rest as well.

Desk Fan: 

If you have a desk fan then put it directly opposite your laptop. Desk fans will ensure a smooth flow of air and your laptop will not heat up too much.

Wooden Desk:

While working, use a wooden desk or table and keep your laptop on it. Wood is a bad conductor of heat and it will keep the bottom of your laptop cool. Try not to keep your laptop on and fabric or your bed.

Clean Your Laptop:

Dust reaches the open areas of your laptop like speakers and any other opening. Keep a paintbrush and regularly clean all the areas of your laptop.

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