5 Motivational TEDx Talks To Get Your Life Back On Track!

No matter how hard we try, sometimes we just don’t have the will to motivate ourselves. We see us falling back into destructive bad habits or develop new ones, and even though we know what is right, we just can’t seem to do it. This is when outside help steps us and can do wonders for us if we let it.

So here are 5 TEDx Talks to motivate you into taking constructive action and getting your life back on track!

1. The Psychology of Self Motivation

Scott Geller is a behavioural psychologist, and currently an Alumni Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Virginia Tech and Director of the Center for Applied Behavior Systems. Let him talk to you for 15 minutes through this video and see the magic of his words positivity impacting your life!


2. How To Motivate Yourself To Change Your Behaviour

Tali Sharot is a Professor of cognitive neuroscience in the Department of Experimental Psychology at University College London. Here she shares three ingredients to doing what’s good for yourself.


3. How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over

Mel Robbins is a renowned motivational and keynote speaker, a CNN legal and social commentator, the creator of The 5 Second Rule, and a best-selling author. Her approach is direct, effective and entertaining!

4. The Puzzle Of Motivation

Daniel H. Pink is an American author with four of his books featured on the New York Times bestsellers’ list. Here he shares with us some illuminating stories that can maybe lead a way forward.


5. Stop Waiting For Life To Happen

Peter Sage is an international serial entrepreneur and subject matter expert in human behavior and self mastery. Here he is with a pep talk to make the day better and start a series for better days one after another.



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