5 Funny Shows That You Can Watch Over And Over Again!

Some shows become a part of our lives and we grow up with the characters and as the show comes to an end so does an era in our lives. But the good thing about this tech age is that we can re-watch these shows again and again and relive those happy days!

Here is a list of five shows you can watch over and over again!

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

This show needs no introduction. No matter how old the show gets, it never fails to make us laugh. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross are always there to make our day!


2. How I Met Your Mother

The ever so charming Ted, Barney with his entertaining dating life, Robin and her Canadian traits and the beauty in love Lilly and Marshal are an all-time favourite bunch to watch over and over again!


3. Big Bang Theory

What happens when a group of nerds meet the hottest girl in town? We get a show we can watch endlessly till the end of time! Sheldon Cooper is iconic and so are all the other brilliant and incredibly funny characters in this current day classic show.


4. Modern Family

This is the tale of a family that consists of many smaller families that consist of family members that are hilarious and super fun to watch! And no matter how many times you watch them, it never gets old.


5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

We can only hope to be saved by cops as funny and hard-working as this Nine-Nine gang. The situational comedy and sarcastic one-linerss are sure to get you in each re-run!


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