5 Chris Evans Movies To Give Life To Your Weekend! (Besides Avengers)

We’ve all loved him as Captain America. But there’s so much more other notable work this brilliant actor has done! We not only love his charm, wit & laughter, we also love his action & drama.

Here are 5 Chris Evans Movies To give life to your weekend!

1. Gifted

The movie is about a genius 7-year-old and her uncle, played by Chris Evans. The uncle gets into a legal custody battle of her niece to protect her from his over-controlling and cold mother.

2. Before We Go

This is a story of two strangers meeting and instantly finding that click. It is also Chris Evans’ directorial debut!


3. Snowpiercer

This movie is set inside a train, the only place where life exists on earth after all life on it has entirely been destroyed. A brutal take on society, this movie is full action and gripping drama.

4. Puncture

One of the best performances by Chris Evans. This is the story of a lawyer who fights a big medical corporation while battling his own drug addiction.

5. Knives Out

This movie has an ensemble cast comprising of Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis and many other prominent names. Chris Evans shines through with his performance in this brilliantly scripted mystery drama.


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