3 Ways To Practice Gratitude

Finding yourself in an emotional turmoil or a rollercoaster of feelings has become very common. But what we often miss is the things that we have, the things that we should be grateful for. So here are a few simple ways to practice gratitude.

Figure out what is working best for you:

“Gratitude practices will look different for everyone; it should be personal and fitting for whatever works for you,” said Reyna Smith, a licensed professional counsellor and owner Limitless Counseling & Consulting Services. “A lot of times I see people correlate gratitude with outwardly expressing thanks to others. It has to start with yourself; being able to give yourself permission to be still and truly reflect on the good, you get to decide what this practice looks like. It shouldn’t feel forced or stressful.”

Set aside few minutes everyday just to be thankful or for positive thoughts:

You could try this activity at the end of your day, just recollect your day and list the things that you are thankful for. It could be people, your job, your environment, your health, your children, your pets, or anything else. Maybe at start you cannot think about something, but as you practice, more and more things will just pop in your head!

Small things are also important:

The big milestones matter a lot but what are these big milestones actually made up of? Small steps. Motivate and appreciate yourself or anyone for their small steps. Be thankful and proud of your small achievements as well.

Like said by Farah Harris, a psychotherapist and CEO of Working Well Daily, “Gratitude can improve the quality of our sleep. And when we are grateful, we are able to appreciate and celebrate the accomplishments of others so that we operate from a position of complimenting rather than competing or comparing, which can enhance our self-esteem.” “It can increase our sense of happiness, which coincidentally decreases our perception of pain and reduces symptoms of depression.”

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