3 Basic Signs Of Depression

Mental health disorders have been more common since the pandemic. Staying inside has a big effect on everyone’s life. It seems like we all are living in a loop, same day again and again and again. Humans are social creatures, we need to socialise in order to function properly. Hence it is not a big surprise when your mental health starts to take a turn. So here are some not so common yet signs of depression:


Too much or too less eating, both are considered to be signs of depression. “It’s an easy [sign] to overlook because we live in a society that values diet culture and values restriction as a sign of control and discipline,” a licensed psychologist based in Florida, Zamira Castro said. “It plays out differently because of our temperaments and preferred ways of coping,” Castro added. “If you have more depletion of serotonin levels, then you may be someone who is more inclined to seek comfort in food.”


Small things like dropping a pen, or spilling some milk on the counter stress you out and make you very irritable. Even anger is one of the signs, you get angry about the things that doesn’t even matter that much.

Change In Certain Habits: 

If you are somebody who enjoys long walks or admiring the nature for a long time, and you suddenly don’t find any joy in that, it could be a warning sign.  “If you’re someone who tends to call your mom every day, and all of a sudden you’re not, that may be a sign because that could be the beginning of what we call the prodromal phase,” Castro added. “It could be that you’re starting to get depressed when you start to withdraw from others.”


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