You’ll Now Get A Green Pass Automatically 11 Days After The Positive Test On Alhosn App

Credits: Twitter, Pixabay

Alhosn App has gotten a recent update. In the UAE, if you test positive for COVID-19, you will automatically receive a Green Pass on the Alhosn app 11 days after your first positive PCR test. This Green Pass will be valid for 30 days, this is the longest Green Pass window currently. To take advantage of this benefit, you must be fully immunised. This includes receiving a (third) booster dose of a vaccination authorised by the UAE. Also, a Booster dose is required to attain a Green Pass.

When your app’s main profile is updated, it will display a QR code and a status in one of three colours: green, grey, or red. Green indicates that you are on track with your vaccines and have had a recent PCR test. Grey indicates that you are not completely vaccinated (or that your immunizations are not being reflected in the app), or that you require at least one more PCR (you may require two if you have entered the UAE recently, the app will let you know when).

The colour Red indicates that you are COVID-19 positive. If you are over 50, have reasonably serious symptoms, have a chronic ailment, or are pregnant, you are advised to visit one of the Prime Assessment Centres for a medical examination and isolation instructions.