You Could Soon Book A Room In This Moon-Shaped Resort Being Built In The UAE

Credits: Instagram

The ambitious Moon-Shaped Resort, backed by a Canadian corporation, is a game-changing $5 BILLION (AED18.3 billion) project that might be located in Dubai Pearl. Translating it to literal words, it will be a replica of the moon on Earth! A lunar colony, a lunar surface, a space-themed nightclub, and other fascinating facilities are planned for the resort, which will provide an excellent pretend-moon experience for 500 times less than a trip to space.

Lunar Colony & Surface: Accorto Forbes, “The 90-minute tour to the 10-acre lunar surface will include a visit to “an authentic working Lunar Colony.” When on the surface guests will be able to explore the lunar surface and visit … something. “As you can appreciate much of this remains under wraps,” said Henderson. “However, imagine yourself in a real-time authentic environment … it’s not augmented or virtual reality … you will believe you are on the Moon.””

MOON, a futuristic destination resort, is planning to open in Las Vegas, Dubai, and China. However, Michael R. Henderson, Co-Founder of Moon World Resorts, told Forbes that the construction is “probably too innovative for Las Vegas” and that “maybe China or the UAE will be the first” to enjoy the resort. Forbes predicts that this resort would be open in 2027 or 2028, “Moon requires a 12-month pre-development planning program followed by a 48-month build-out process. “If the ground was broken in 2023 it could open around 2027-28 (with),” said Henderson. There are tentative plans for more four “Moon” resorts in the US, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Spain.”

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