We Found Dubai’s Coolest Weekend Market That’s Perfect For Families & Kids

We recently visited a super fun pop-up market in Dubai, and immediately knew that we had to recommend it to you guys. Manbat is a local farmer’s market created in partnership between Arada and the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. It aims to celebrate and promote the very best of the UAE’s healthy, home-grown produce.


Manbat Farmers Market

If you’re on the lookout for fresh locally-grown produce, activities, something to do with the kids, workshops, live music and more, then read on.

The Manbat market provides a fun and welcoming environment for people of all ages to experience the finest locally grown, healthy produce that the UAE has to offer. The best part is – there is something for everyone to do.

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Founded in 2021, Manbat took root with the launch of Manbat farmers’ markets at Aljada, Sharjah. Manbat markets now take place every weekend at multiple venues across Dubai and Sharjah during the cooler months of the growing season.

You get a variety of quality & organic products at great prices at Manbat from pure, unheated, unfiltered and untreated honey such as chestnut, gaff and brown honey to foreign fruits like berries, guava, Japanese oranges and papayas.

There’s also dates, figs, different types of melons, emirati honey, herbs, freshly made luqaimat, healthy chocolate spread & freshly made smoothies.

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Manbat Farmers Market Locations

  • Anchor Plaza, Dubai Ste Festival on Saturdays from 4pm-12am
  • DFC Marsa Plaza on Saturdays, 4pm-12amAt Marsa Plaza market, you can enjoy the scenic creek views with free outdoor movies (organized by DFC)
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