Top Four Movie Marathons To Binge On While At Home!

The race becomes the toughest when you are close to the finish line. At least that’s what it feels like when the lockdown rules are being eased and a slight ray of the sunshine of normalcy is being seen all around. Having said this, we are still far from the total end of social distancing days and we must continue doing our bit in stopping the spread of COVID 19.

With this in our minds, we have curated a list of top four movie marathons to binge and have a great time while you’re still stuck at home!

1. Harry Potter

This was the unanimous number one choice! It’s one of those rare movie series where we all see ourselves in some or another brilliantly written characters and it takes us back in time to when we all first saw them.

2. Lord Of The Rings

Another one of the most fantastically written sagas, this tale is both, inspiring and entertaining. This three part series is sure to be the perfect binge for your stay at home days.

3. The Fast And The Furious

This series delivers suspense, drama, illegal street racing, heists, spies, and so much more. If you like to be constantly at the edge of your seats with adrenaline filled action sequences, this is your jam!

4. Avengers

What’s better than one superhero in a movie? All of your favourite superheroes in one movie! And four such movies! It’s one of the most loved series all over the world. If you’re craving an action-packed time, this one is a definite watch.


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