There Is An Unmanned Community Bookshelf In Dubai That Works On Trust

Have you ever wanted to see a real-life display of the trust, generosity and kindness strangers can have? Well, then, let me tell you about an amazing initiative that’s taking place down at Radisson RED Dubai in Silicon Oasis. The visionary minds behind the pre-loved book marketplace – Bookends, have just opened a community bookshelf, and it’s all based on trust. Keep reading to find out exactly how you can be part of this incredible community too.

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A Testament To Dubai’s Trust

This innovative bookshelf operates on an intriguing principle of trust. Grace Karim and Somia Anwar, the brilliant minds behind Bookends, express their excitement, “It’s a perfect way to introduce someone to the hobby and habit of reading.” The bookshelf, strategically placed in the lobby of Radisson Red, allows readers to pick up pre-loved books, emphasizing sustainability and honesty. The shelf operates on an honour system, relying on the belief that trust works beautifully in Dubai’s vibrant community.

Discover The Dynamic Collection

Imagine a literary haven where adventure, autobiography, self-help, sports, and more converge into a dynamic collection of 1000 books. What’s more impressive is that this collection is in constant flux, with new titles introduced regularly. Bookends ensures a diverse selection, catering to various age groups and literary preferences. Stuart Birkwood, the Curator of Radisson RED Dubai Silicon Oasis, highlights the success of the partnership, stating, “Our guests love to browse what new titles have been left on our sharing shelves. It’s a nice talking point around the hotel.”

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How Does The Community Bookshelf Work?

Spread: The Love of Reading by Buying Pre-Loved Books The essence of the initiative lies in encouraging the love of reading. By purchasing pre-loved books, readers contribute to the sustainability of the initiative while embracing the joy of a good read.

Pick: A Book of Your Choice from the Shelf The bookshelf serves as a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Readers can select a book that captures their interest, creating a personal connection with literature.

Price: Clearly Labeled at the Back of the Book Transparency is key. Each book on the shelf is labelled with its price, ensuring a straightforward and honest transaction. Readers can appreciate the simplicity of the process, allowing them to focus on the magic within the pages.

Drop: The Exact Change in the Cash Box Provided A touch of old-school charm enhances the experience. Readers are invited to drop the exact change into the provided cash box, a tangible act that contributes to the communal trust embedded in this literary endeavour.

Enjoy: Reading The ultimate goal – is to savour the enchanting world of literature. As readers leave with their chosen books, they carry not just a tangible piece of literature but also the satisfaction of being part of a community that values trust, sustainability, and the sheer delight of reading.

A Flourishing Community Built On Trust

Thanks to Bookends, this literary haven invites readers to not only discover captivating stories but also to be part of a community that cherishes the magic found within the pages of a good book. So, let’s all embark on this literary adventure, spread the love of reading, and revel in the pages of pre-loved books at Radisson RED Dubai Silicon Oasis.

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