The UAE 2025 Public Holiday List Has Been Announced – How Many Long Weekends Will We Have?

My little ‘It’s never too early to start planning’ heart is so happy right now. The UAE government has just released the public holiday calendar 2025, detailed in UAE Cabinet resolution No. 27 of 2024, published in the Official Gazette. But before you start reading, let me give you a little warning by saying 2025 is not the year for long weekends. Unlike the 9-day holiday we saw this April for Eid Al Fitr, please keep your expectations low, as it seems like the Georgian calendar won’t be playing in our favour in 2025. Nevertheless, a holiday is still a holiday, and no matter where you are, you should always make the most of it. So, come with me, and I’ll tell you all the days you can enjoy off in 2025.

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UAE 2025 Public Holiday List:

1. New Year Celebration

Wednesday, January 1, 2025: Like every year, there’s a one-day holiday on January 1 to celebrate the New Year.

2. Eid Al Fitr

Monday, March 31 – Wednesday, April 2, 2025 (Shawwal 1-3): Eid Al Fitr will have a three-day holiday. An extra day might be added if Ramadan lasts 30 days. This means with the weekend paired with it before the holiday, we may see a 5-day long weekend!

3. Arafat Day & Eid Al Adha

Thursday, June 5 – Sunday, June 8, 2025 (Dhu Al Hijjah 9-12): There will be a one-day holiday for Arafat Day, followed by a three-day holiday for Eid Al Adha.

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4. Islamic New Year

Thursday, June 26, 2025 (Muharram 1): One day off will be given for the Islamic New Year (This date is an approximation of when the Islamic New Year may fall in the Georgian calendar; the confirmed date will be given closer to the time).

5. Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) Birthday

Thursday, September 4, 2024 (Rabi Al Awwal 12): The public holiday list also includes a holiday for Prophet Mohammed’s birthday (This date is an approximation of when the Islamic New Year may fall in the Georgian calendar; the confirmed date will be given closer to the time).

6. Commemoration Day & National Day

Tuesday, December 2 – Wednesday, 3, 2025 – Tuesday-Wednesday: Next year, we will have holidays on December 2 and 3 to celebrate Commemoration Day and the 54th UAE National Day. This follows the 2024 trend of two days off for National Day.

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Longer Holidays To Come

The resolution mentions that, except for Eid holidays, any official holidays falling on weekends can be moved to the start or end of the week by a Cabinet decision.

More On The Horizon

Even though this list seems short for 2025, don’t worry because local governments have the authority to approve other official holidays not listed in this resolution for special occasions or any other reasons for their departments and institutions.

So, now that you know what’s going on in 2025, you get your dream vacation on the books ASAP!

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