Temperature In The UAE Will Go As High As 49°C In Some Areas!

Credits: Pixabay

June is here and with it is also the heat! One of the hottest times of the year has arrived in the UAE. Last week, the highest temperature recorded was around 45°C, this week it is expected to go as high as 49°C. Here is NCM’s forecast for tomorrow, Thursday 10th June 2022. According to the National Center of Meteorology, the weather in the UAE on Thursday will be hot and dry during the day (NCM).

By dawn, some low clouds will appear over the eastern shore. During the day, light to moderate winds will blow across the country, strengthening at times and generating blowing dust. The temperature in Abu Dhabi will hit 46°C, while the temperature in Dubai will likely reach 45°C. At 15:00 UAE Local Time, the hottest temperature recorded was 48.6°C in Al Shawamekh (Abu Dhabi).