Hungry Monkeys In Bali Are Raiding Homes Due No Tourist Handouts

The pandemic has not been any of us, and certainly not on the monkeys of Bali. Monkeys on the island of Bali are food-deprived because not enough tourists are visiting it. Tourists often offered them food, peanuts and other food items. The monkeys now raid villages and homes to get food.

“A few days ago I attended a traditional ceremony at a temple near the Sangeh forest,” said villager, Gustu Alit. “When I parked my car and took out two plastic bags containing food and flowers as offerings, two monkeys suddenly appeared and grabbed it all and ran into the forest very fast.” “That’s why I have urged villagers here to come to the forest to play with the monkeys and offer them food,” he said. “I think they need to interact with humans as often as possible so that they do not go wild.”

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