How To Know If You Actually Need Therapy?

Therapy is something we all have considered going for at least once in our lifetimes. Therapy is not just for people who have received a mental health diagnosis and cannot take care of their mental health by themselves. Therapy is for everyone. So how to know if you really need therapy?

Changes in Life:

Changes whether small or big, positive or negative can create a sense of confusion. Your mind needs sometime to settle to the changes and sometimes, if the impact of the change is big, then it can be hard to settle. Hence here comes the role of a professional therapist, who can actually help you to settle faster and better to your new life.

You are not able to change your habits:

If you are having a hard time in controlling your thoughts or in changing a particular habit, then a therapist can help you in such a case. Negative thoughts and habits such as, not sleeping enough, too much intake of alcohol, drug use, etc can have severe long term effects. You might not even know the reason behind such habits, hence consult a therapist for the same.

Having a physical illness:

Sometimes, having a physical illness can also affect your mental health. In most cases things like an inferiority complex and a shy behavior is seen in people who have a physical illness. People feel that they are hard to deal with or they won’t be able to make friends because of their condition. Well, in such a case visit a therapist and break all of these thoughts.

You are your own judge when it comes to your life, hence if you feel like going for therapy then nothing should stop you. After all every individual is different with different needs.


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