How To Get Back On Track With Your Sleep Schedule

One thing that this pandemic has been heavy on is our sleep. Since lockdown and quarantine people have lost track of time and days, and hence it is very difficult to keep with a proper routine or schedule. It suddenly feels like naps and food can fix almost everything but obviously that is not correct. So here are a few ways to get back on track with your sleep schedule.

Set An Achievable Goal:

Try to sleep just 10 or 15 minutes early than your regular time and keep on decreasing according to your comfort level. Slowly your body will adjust to the new sleeping time and hence you will improve your sleep schedule. “It’s never too late to introduce a routine or go back to a routine,” said Rachel Mitchell, a sleep consultant.

Screen Time: 

Since the pandemic, everyone’s screen time has increased a lot. The light from any kind of screen tricks your brain that it is not the time to sleep, it basically decreases the supply of the hormone which makes you sleepy. Hence it is very important that you shut off all screen preferably an hour before going to bed.

Exercise & Fitness: 

One reason why many people have trouble sleeping is because they don’t exercise at all. Working all day makes your mind tired, but in fact you are just sitting all day. Your body needs some exercise or movement in order to function properly. Just exercise of about 30 to 45 minutes in a day can do wonders for you.


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