How To Explain The Importance Of Having A Good Mental Health To Your Parents

Mental health is something with which we all should be aware about. A good mind leads to a good body. You will struggle to do simple daily tasks if you don’t have a healthy mind. This is where therapy and talking comes into picture. The younger generation understands the importance of therapy but it our parents. So here’s how you can explain the importance of having a good mental health to your parents.

What is therapy?

Explain them the meaning of therapy and what does a therapist actually do. A therapist listens to your thoughts and tells you how to deal with them. Many a times we think about something and it may seem very wrong to you, but when you talk to a therapist about it, they might tell you how normal and common that particular thought of yours is.

Share someone else’s experience with therapy:

Tell them about the time when your friend or colleague went for therapy and how has it changed their life. Tell them about someone else’s experience and how they have benefitted from it.

Talk about mental health: 

Explain them the term mental health and why is it so important. Just as when we have a cold or fever we rush to a doctor, in the same way our mind needs regular visits to a professional as well. Going to therapy or talking about your mental health is not something to be afraid about, taking care of your mind is as important as taking care of your body.


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