How Pets Can Help To Improve Your Mental Heath?

“Pets play a huge part in our lives and can have a positive impact on a person’s mental and emotional health,” said Gina McDowell, a licensed professional clinical counselor. Pets don’t judge and basically treat all human beings the same way. Pets even have a way of sensing your mood, that is, they know you are in a bad mood or something and will come and cuddle you.

It’s not just adults, pets are comforting to children as well. “One of the major reasons children find such comfort in the presence of pets is the non judgmental presence that animals provide,” Steven Feldman, president of the Human Animal Bond Research Institute explained. “Studies have found that the mere presence of a family pet during childhood can increase emotional expression and control in children, and research supports that even brief interactions with dogs can lower stress levels in children.”

Pets decrease the feelings of loneliness and increase the feelings of support and companionship. Families with pets are said to be less anxious and depressed. Since owning a dog means you’ll regularly have to go out to a park or a play area this can help you connect with nature and get some fresh air as well. “Schedule some family playtime with your pet throughout the day,” McDowell advised. “This could include playing with a special pet toy, going to a dog park or other outdoor adventures, or even taking time to teach your pet new tricks!”


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