How Can COVID-19 Affect Your Brain?

One thing we know about Covid-19 is that it has a lot of side effects on the body. Short term side effects are low stamina and energy and long term effects are mainly up to you. But this virus not inly affects the body, it affects the brain also in many ways. Since the coronavirus affects your lungs and your lungs are the reason why oxygen reaches to all your body parts, sometimes the brain can get less oxygen for prolonged periods of time, this can damage it permanently.

Neurological Injuries:

Well these injuries are quite rare and uncommon, study shows about 1 out of 7 people are affected but still it is something. Seizures, frequent strokes, confusion and lack of concentration are some neurological injuries that can happen after Covid-19. Attention disorders and reduced ability to focus are also some side effects of Covid-19. While these can be both short term and long term. Other than all these, dizziness and headaches are also some short term side effects.

Inflammation of the Brain: 

Luckily this side effect is even more rare than the above mentioned one. Till now, about 40 people in the UK have been diagnosed with this side effect. Brain swelling or inflammation of the brain occurs after a viral infection but this can be life threatening.

Mental Health:

Some survivors are also said to develop some mental health problems like depression, anxiety or insomnia. While experts and researchers still do not know the reason to all these problems, but since physical and mental health are two sides of the same coin, it is no surprise that these issues rise after your physical health is affected.


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