Here Is The Updated Green List Of Travel To Abu Dhabi

The updated green list of countries that can travel to Abu Dhabi is here. This list consists of 28 countries that can now travel quarantine free to the UAE capital. Effective from Wednesday, August 18 here is the list:

1. Albania
2. Australia
3. Bahrain
4. Belgium
5. Brunei
6. Bulgaria
7. Canada
8. China
9. The Czech Republic
10. Germany
11. Hong Kong
12. Hungary
13. Malta
14. Mauritius
15. Moldova
16. New Zealand
17. Poland
18. Republic of Ireland
19. Romania
20. Saudi Arabia
21. Serbia
22. Seychelles
23. Singapore
24. South Korea
25. Sweden
26. Switzerland
27. Taiwan
28. Ukraine

It is mandatory to take a PCR test on arrival and then one again on day six. This also applies to fully vaccinated individuals. Unvaccinated individuals also need to take a PCR test on day nine.

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