Expo 2020 Dubai Will Have A Vegan Feast In January!

Credits: Pixabay

Expo 2020 Dubai has already delivered a plethora of fascinating gourmet pleasures to the city, and things are about to get much more exciting for those who are enthusiastic about plant-based meals. That’s because Expo is becoming vegan come January, with a three-day culinary extravaganza from Friday to Sunday (January 14 until January 30).

It’s all part of a cooperation with Vegan Days, which features not just wonderful cuisine but also a festival ambience with music and DJs performing until 2 a.m. each evening, in what the organisers claim is the region’s first-ever vegan culinary event of its sort. There will be everything from fine dining to street cuisine favourites.

If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, try Mylk, a business that specialises in handcrafted vegan chocolate and ice cream created with only natural ingredients. If you prefer a biscuity treat, Floozie Cookies provides a variety of unique flavours and seasonal options.

Burgers don’t have to be unhealthy, too, with Chuck Chick offering green versions of traditional cheeseburgers and hot dogs, and Erpingham House serving outstanding baos, great tacos, and nutritious salads. Pizza fans can also join in on the fun, with Vegan Dough Co. putting a luscious plant-based spin on all-time favourite food.

Papa Burty’s Jamaican patties – similar to a Cornish pasty but with a whole lot of real Caribbean flavours – and UK-based Holy Carrot, which whips up Asian options based on responsibly sourced seasonal ingredients, are two savoury highlights to look out for.

Chef Matthew Kenney, a Michelin-starred chef, will be hosting his Expo flagship restaurant Veg’d inside a three-story vegan concept at Terra – the Sustainability Pavilion.

Later that month (January 29-30), there will be a trendy pop-up vegan market selling fair and green items, including a particular selection of apparel and accessories. More than 60 domestic brands will be represented.